Serial No. 114-023-12-8196

The chassis and wheelbase of the 250C Coupe was the same as the sedan version, but the roof was nearly two inches lower and the passenger compartment was shorter. There no pillars between the front and rear windows and the chrome strips on the roof made the car look considerably sportier than the staid sedan model.

This example is powered by the dependable twin carburetor six cylinder engine, automatic transmission, factory air conditioning and power windows. It is a sporty, very fast and dependable automobile for in town driving as well as high speed freeway traffic. It corners and handles like a sports car. A set of Weber carburetors and manifold are available with the Coupe, if desired, although I prefer the factory installed equipment.

I purchased it from its original California owner in the mid-1990’s to restore for my college age daughter. It was professionally stripped to the bare metal and repainted in gorgeous brilliant silver metallic.

Sadly, an oil gasket failed, she was not paying attention to the oil gauge, she ran it low on oil and a bearing begin to fail. Fortunately, it was caught in time, the engine was removed and completely rebuilt. Failsafe “Idiot lights” were added for both water temperature and oil pressure. In the future, flashing lights and an audible beeping sound will convince even the most carefree driver that something needs attention – promptly!

The following is a fairly comprehensive list of the mechanical restoration work: front suspension – all new control arm bushings, ball Joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, sub frame mounts, brake rotors , calibers, flex brake lines, new Bilstein shocks, steering stabilizer and sway bar, power steering hoses etc.; rear suspension – all new trailing arm bushings, sub axle bearings, axle bearings repacked, sway bar mounting kit, brake rotors, calipers, flex brake lines, new Bilstein shocks, new differential mounts; new drive shaft flex couplers etc.; Engine rebuild – all new pistons, bearings, oil pump, timing chain and gears, tensioner and guides, water pump, power steering pump, starter, reconditioned head with all new valves and guides, rocker arms, re-cored radiator, clutch fan, new harmonic balancer, new air conditioning compressor, a/c dryer, a/c hoses, a/c expansion valve etc.; body and paint – entire body stripped to bare metal, polyester primer, Imron paint, 95% of outside chrome, moldings and weather striping replaced with new factory parts, refinished wood dash, etc. Plus many other items not listed here.

By the time the restoration was finished, my daughter graduated and accepted a job including a company car. So, the Coupe has remained stored in my warehouse for our occasional use.

The odometer shows approximately 102,000 miles. The new engine has been driven less than 4,000 miles. The Nitto radials have been driven approximately 8,000 miles. The original black vinyl interior is in excellent condition. The original black carpets are in excellent condition. The paint is as bright as the day it was painted.

After buying it from its original California owner, over $40,000 was invested in it and it looks it! The brilliant silver metallic paint is miles deep. It can be driven as-is with pride and dependability. The alloy wheels are original and the purist may wish to refinish them. They were originally painted gray or chrome plated.

The 250C is truly a present day classic. It drives like a sports car, has up to date modern mechanics, the looks of a classic, but can handle five passengers in comfort and still has a huge trunk. It is truly for show or go.